Friday, October 11, 2013

Broga Hill

Well, for those of you who aren't too sure, Broga Hill is located in Semenyih, right next to the University of Nottingham... Below are a couple of pictures I took during my second hike up... I'm uploading this for those of you who might be interested in hiking there but you're not too sure what to expect... I'm not sure about you but it sure was difficult trying to find pictures of it before my first hike up so, I would have totally appreciated some pictures like these... I don't really have many pictures especially of the hike from the bottom up which takes you through a forest trail but you wouldn't be missing much because it isn't really challenging there and it was too dark to take any shoots... Hehe... Yeah, you would normally start around 5a.m from the bottom in order to catch the sunrise.... Or a little earlier if you're afraid the hike up might take time... It took me around an hour the second time round... Hope this helps... :D

This is a shot from the second peak and it is actually a part of the second peak... There are a total of three peaks~

This is the view of the first peak from the second peak... Yeah, there were a lot of people there... Its usually really packed on weekends... :D

This shot was also taken from the second peak... (The fog gives it a mystical vibe, no?)

A view to the right if you're looking back on the first peak

The view of the sun... Yeah, we didn't really see the sunrise due to the rain and clouds but I guess this beats seeing nothing at all...

And this is the rock that you would have to climb over in order to reach the third and final peak... It really isn't as difficult as it looks but I have to admit that it is kind of challenging... But then again, it could just be me... :P

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Korean Drama Likeness??? Maybe It's A Coincidence??~~

Okay, so I have been falling back on watching Korean dramas of any kind lately... (Yes, the last one I was most up to date with was when BIG came out) Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that no matter how different the dramas may appear to be, they are in fact more alike then we dare to admit... I mean honestly, if you were to tell yourself that its the same plot, wouldn't you still watch it when you see the actors and actresses? Admit it! You will because I know I would... But anyhow, if you're not quite sure what I'm going on about, here are a few things that might give you a hint about what I'm getting at...

1. There will always and I mean ALWAYS be a love triangle no matter how bizarre it may appear

In Boys Over Flowers, it was a love triangle between Jun-pyo, Jandi and Jihoo

In You're Beautiful, it was between all three guys for one girl
See, what I mean? And it just isn't the two dramas above but almost ALL of them...

2. The girl would always find a way to relate her crush to some sort of object

In You're Beautiful, Mi Nyu (Right) called her crush, Tae kyung (left) her star

Okay, so it can be kind of cute... Sometimes... xD

3. The girl always tries to protect her crush by concealing her feelings and lying to her crush
In B.I.G., Da ran breaks Kyu Joon's heart by telling him she is still in love with her ex-fiance

As seen with Jan Di as well, when she lies to Jun Pyo about her feelings fading

4. The female characters are sometimes so naive its frustrating

In The Thorn Birds, Jung Eun is so naive that she can't see through her ex best friend's tricks

Mi Nyu actually believes her manager when he tells her that pressing her nose will make her fluttery feelings go away

Which sometimes makes you want to do this...

5. They go bug-eyed whenever they are kissed


Flower Boys Next Door (Okay, so the guys do get bug eyed too... xD)

6. The meanie... She is normally the other female in the story who is after the affection of the very same guy but not being the center of his attention makes her do whatever it takes to get it... 

Spy Myungwol

My Babyfaced Beauty

6. The supporters! Yes, so all the female characters have really great and supportive friends...

Manager Ma in You're Beautiful acts as Mi Nyu's support system throughout the movie

Ga Eul is Jandi's best friend in Boys Over Flowers

They pretend to be Myung wol's parents while she's in South Korea in Spy Myungwol

7. The transformation... There will be a scene in the dramas where the lead female characters will dress up and catches the attention of her crush

   Jandi in Boys Over Flowers
So young wears the dress she designs to a charity gala in My Babyfaced Beauty and totally shocks her boss who is one of the guys in the love triangle..
And you're like, 'WOW!'

8. Okay, so let's give the male characters a little credit too... They HAVE to always have a cute action/thing/character... Just see for yourself... 

Jang Geum Suk's look is a recurrent thing in You're Beautiful
Gong Yoo's facial expressions are epic in B.I.G

9. The longing... YES! That look is written all over their faces... LOOK!

In B.I.G., Kyung Joo looks at Da ran (after he switched bodies with her fiance)
Mi Nyu does this whenever she sees Tae kyung and her heart races

10. The FIGHT!! Yes, so all the stories somehow begins with this really whacked out hate relationship which would develop into something more...

So, if you can't really figure this out, this is the scene where Jan Di kicks Jun pyo to put him in his place
I couldn't really find the picture for their fight but this is the scene where So young shouts in frustration

 All in all, there are many overlapping parts in the plots of Korean dramas... Some are predictable, some are lovable and some just keep you wanting more... But I guess that's what makes it so great sometimes... The ability these dramas give us to dream and hope for the ending... Well, that's it from me for now... Until next time... :D

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DNA Testing...

Back With A Vengence

  Hmm... Okay, so maybe not? Oh man! It's been ages since I last blogged but honestly, its most probably because I'm like the last person on Earth who really updates it... I mean every time I sit down to write, I think about something else and eventually I forget all about my little old blog... So, anyways, just to write about what I've been up to lately... Well, normal university stuff, I guess... Assignment, after assignment, after assignment... Don't get me wrong... Assignments has its props too but some times, I just get the feeling that I'm drowning in a sea of it... There's just too many... But just when I think about how much I have to work on, my mind drifts to someone less fortunately and I'm like, 'Whoa! Hold that thought! Get back to work!' Well, it's either that or I complain to my friends...

  To be honest, who doesn't complain... Admit it! No matter how much you want to deny it, there's some truth to it... In some way or another, we're not satisfied with what we've got... It's been this way from the beginning of time and will continue to be like that until the day we learn to actually appreciate every little thing we have instead of taking it for granted... The question that often comes to mind is, 'Why can't we appreciate what we already have?'... Yeah, well, maybe it's time to stop trying to find the answers else where and start somewhere closer to home... Yourself... I mean everything we are assigned stuff to do whether it's work or chores, we do nothing but complain... There's never an end to it... But it has never actually occurred to stop and think... We live in houses, wear pretty decent clothings, have the opportunity to attend school.. and the list goes on... But there are kids elsewhere who are not as lucky... Those who want to attend school but they can't out of fear of leaving their houses or simply because there are no schools nearby... To us, assignments are like torture devices but to these kids, they mean a ticket out of poverty, one that leads to a world of possibilities, a brighter future... etc...

  So, whenever you feel like complaining about an assignment or two, think about what I've mentioned earlier... About those less fortunate kids... Don't just complain for the sake of it but take the time instead to allow the truth sink in...

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