Friday, October 11, 2013

Broga Hill

Well, for those of you who aren't too sure, Broga Hill is located in Semenyih, right next to the University of Nottingham... Below are a couple of pictures I took during my second hike up... I'm uploading this for those of you who might be interested in hiking there but you're not too sure what to expect... I'm not sure about you but it sure was difficult trying to find pictures of it before my first hike up so, I would have totally appreciated some pictures like these... I don't really have many pictures especially of the hike from the bottom up which takes you through a forest trail but you wouldn't be missing much because it isn't really challenging there and it was too dark to take any shoots... Hehe... Yeah, you would normally start around 5a.m from the bottom in order to catch the sunrise.... Or a little earlier if you're afraid the hike up might take time... It took me around an hour the second time round... Hope this helps... :D

This is a shot from the second peak and it is actually a part of the second peak... There are a total of three peaks~

This is the view of the first peak from the second peak... Yeah, there were a lot of people there... Its usually really packed on weekends... :D

This shot was also taken from the second peak... (The fog gives it a mystical vibe, no?)

A view to the right if you're looking back on the first peak

The view of the sun... Yeah, we didn't really see the sunrise due to the rain and clouds but I guess this beats seeing nothing at all...

And this is the rock that you would have to climb over in order to reach the third and final peak... It really isn't as difficult as it looks but I have to admit that it is kind of challenging... But then again, it could just be me... :P

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